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I made my hobbies my profession

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Everything Started in 2018

My name is Richard Morsbach I am a adventrue guide and photographer, based in Namibia. I have had the privilege of growing up in this magnificent Desert country called Namibia. Both my father and grandfather worked for Nature Conservation throughout Southern Africa and passed down a lot of their knowledge, wisdom and passion for nature and this desert environment with me, each time we went out camping, hiking or traveling into the unknown hidden locations of Namibia. Over the years the adventure seeking passion just grew stronger and stronger which led my heart to pursue adventure sports. I have gained various professional qualifications over the course of fourteen years in many different adventure sports from rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, skydiving, and many more. In turn I have been working as a free lance tour guide for close to eight years, through these different sports where ever the opportunities arouse. I started as an amature photographer when I started skydiving back in 2007. I learnt alot about photography over the years as I took my camera on 90% of my Adventure expeditions. All this led to starting my own company in 2018, now its my privilege to take you on uniquely designed adventures that will leave you with life long memories and where you can learn amazing skills in the process of living the Adventure.
Muscles relax, the mind expands. The vastness enters into the skin like a shot. ‘Our’ time dissolves.
Arianna Dagnino

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