Namib Adventure
Guided tours that take you on an adventure of a life time. 

Join me on an eco-tour where you will see breathtaking landscapes, uncharted, desolate locations and the astounding fauna and flora that is found throughout the Namib Desert. Learn about how this incredible environment came to be and what keeps the circle of life so unique in the harsh desert climate. We take a deeper look at the plants and animals that call this desert home, to understand how the can survive in the tough eco system with a constant changing climate. 

Spitzkoppe is the worlds oldest granite rock formation that was pushed up through the earths crust when the two tectonic plates (Congo and Kalahari) were separated many moon's ago. This was also the same time period that Gwondwana land was reformed into the world we know today. Eventually Spitzkoppe was pushed to the earth surface due to erosion and this magnificent granite rock can now be explored by all travelers. There are also ancient bushman paintings that can be found of the first people that moved through the ancient world. 

Moon-Landscape is a unreal magnificent area just south of the Rossing mountain and on the banks of the Swakop river bed, it is carved out by dolerite, granite, schist and marble rocks forming incredible breath taking landscape. This is part of the amazing fault line that started the separation of the tectonic plates that separated the Congo basin from the Kalahari basin this fault line runs all the way North-East through the African continent. 

These are just two of the many magnificent places we will be visiting and exploring during our adventure tour. 


·      Moon landscape day tour & hiking, rock climbing, fat-biking, and or abseiling.                                               - N$1600 pp.

·      Spitzkoppe day tour, & hiking, rock climbing and or abseiling.                                                                             - N$2400pp.

·      Spitzkoppe or Erongo mountains over night camping tour & hiking, rock climbing and or abseiling.           - N$3800 pp.

·      Naukluft, Brandberg, Waterberg plateau, Erongo mountains, 3-5 days camping and                               guided hiking tour. N$12 500pp


For more information or specially designed tour requests & quotes please do not hesitate to contact me.

There are lower rates for groups, please contact for more details.