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Namib Adventure

....and so the adventure begins
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Known as Namibia's rock climbing mecca with many sport and traditional climbing routes for all skill levels. Also of the best night sky photography locations in Namibia.

Erongo Mountains

In the heart of Namibia, this incredible area has so much to offer, weather you are wanting to tear up the gravel on supurb mountain biking trails, go out on amazing day hikes, rock-climb or head out for wildlife photography, Erongo mountains is truly an amazing family destination.


One of Namibia's best multi-day hiking area's. With two incredible rotues to choose from either a four day hiking trail or a eight day hiking trail. With the scenery changing every day and lots of wildlife Naukluft will leave you with a longing to go back and explore more. Get in contact for more information.

Fish River Canyon

Explore the worlds second largest Canyon on foot. Join me for a unbelievable 4-day slack packing hike in this incredible canyon. Each night you can relax with a warm shower, sitting around a camp fire to enjoy the most amazing night sky.


One of Africa's largest national parks. Etosha is the dream destination for anyone wanting to see wildlife and do wildlife photography. To be able to get up close to a lion, elephant, rihno or other wildlife as they roam freely in their natural environment is an experience that words can not discribe.
Namib Adventure

We will help you find the adventure!

The Focus is to guide you through areas of our country while exploring the unique beauty of the oldest desert in the world. Together we will explore this desert country and experience the adventure of hiking up Spitzkoppe, Brandberg and other mountains.